Seize the Night.
A game changing experience coming soon...

Meet new people and
discover new places

BarMatch is a fun and easy way to get connected with
new people while you're out and about. Check-in and get matched.

Check in and play
the BarMatch game.

Once you check in, you can casually browse the profiles of everyone else in the same location. If you decide you both like each other, it's a match. Otherwise, nobody knows a thing. Or, if you're really feeling bold, you can always send a drink invite and go for the gold!

Get your friends
off the couch!

Partying is always more fun with friends. Use the BarMatch invite feature to broadcast your location to any/all of your friends, delivering that always necessary kick in the rump.

Other Features

BarMatch is your one stop shop for everything nightlife. Find your friends, discover trending bars, and save your favorites all through the fun and easy BarMatch navigation.

A game changing experience coming soon...